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Weaving is not a hobby, it’s an obsession

Norman Mackenzie left Lewis to become a successful dentist in Glasgow. When he retired back to the island he acquired a classic singe-width loom made by George Hattersley & Sons of Keighley. The Hattersley Domestic Loom was the machine on which the Harris Tweed industry was built.

Norman had done a bit of weaving as a teenager before he went to university. Now aged 72, he admits that weaving has become an obsession.  Norman’s loom is about 60 years old and he does most of the running repairs himself.


He works in a small building in his garden. In one room that’s heated by a peat fire, he prepares the warps for the cloth using the old method of arranging it on a wide rack. He has a stack of wool yarns to create the patterns he likes.


The peat is stacked outside the shed. Here Norman talks with photographer Gerardo Jaconelli who accompanied me on the trip around Scotland.



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