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The bright lights of Dubai

Thanks to the generosity of French luxury footwear firm Maison Corthay, I am able to share with my readers the view from Room 3307 of The Address Downtown Dubai Hotel, which faces the extraordinary Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, which soars an incredible 2,716.5 feet (828 metres) into the sky.

DSC00601 DSC00611DSC00602 DSC00612DSC00603 DSC00613DSC00607DSC00616

DSC00606 DSC00618

DSC00604 DSC00614

While the view from 33 floors up is impressive, it cannot compete with the view from 122 floors up. The tall white tower in this pic is indeed my hotel, as seen from the At.mosphere bar in Burj Khalifa, At 1,447ft 10in (441.3m) above sea level it is the highest restaurant-bar in the world.

DSC00708 (3)

DSC00714 (3)

Luckily I did not spend all my time in the air. Watch for subsequent blogs for my route to the Maison Corthay store in Dubai Mall, via a camel skin tannery, the skins from which go to make these very desirable shoes with the pronounced grain…

DSC00788 (3) DSC00779 (3)




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