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Rule Britannia? in View 2 magazine


Readers of this blog will know of my enthusiasm for British textile, clothing and related manufacturers. There is a lot on nonsense spoken and written about the prospects for a revival of UK manufacturing. The realistic priority is to maintain what we have, not dream about creating 50,000 new jobs. The latest edition of the textile trends magazine, View 2, includes this feature by me on the state of play of British manufacturing. I appreciate publisher David Shah and editor Laura Keller for giving me a few pages on which to expound my theories. I’d be delighted to hear your views on the subject   View2 14 cover Feb 2013 View2 14 Rule Britannia 1 Feb 2013 (2) View2 14 Rule Britannia 2 Feb 2013 (4) View2 14 Rule Britannia 3 Feb 2013 (2)


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