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London Collections:Men John Smedley

John Smedley has been a favourite brand of mine for the best part of 30 years, but I found its use of only young male models in this tableau rather annoying. I cannot recall the company using anyone “mature” in its ads recently either. Can its ad agency not find anyone interesting looking over 40 or 50 once in a while? It produces brilliant products of quality in England – which consumer group appreciates these attributes most? It’s surprising how many brands pursue younger customers while threatening to alienate its older fans. I know all the arguments about older models not appealing to younger shoppers, but I am not convinced. It depends on the older models. But I digress. Anti-ageist quibbles aside, for next autumn the John Smedley patterned sweaters in particular looked extremely tempting and the long johns made me wish I still rode a motorbike and so had an excuse to wear them. Maybe I’ll get some anyway and just turn off the central heating.

PS Well done to John Smedley and its 390 employees for having just been awarded the first Royal Warrant in its 229-year history. This has been bestowed on the pride of Derbyshire for supplying fine knitwear to Her Majesty The Queen (who is 86).


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