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I’ve been framed by Silhouette

It’s been a few weeks since my visit to Silhouette’s London HQ for a session with the Austrian eyewear company’s stylist Angelica Pagnelli. The fruits of our discussion have now been delivered to me.

Most like my usual style are these rather delicately proportioned frames, known officially as the Titan Impressions Full Rim, Model 2879. Like all the Silhouette frames, they are exceptionally well constructed and extremely light, so are very comfortable to wear. The plastic material used for the frames is called SPX and has been patented because of its lightness, colour adaptions and hypoallergenic properties. My pair is in Red Energy (Silhouette Colour no. 6053) and I particularly like the delicate translucent quality – strong sunlight really makes them appear to glow from within. The approximate price of the frame is £250 (not including lenses).

Weba572 Weba590

Most unlike my usual heavy frames is this trademark Silhouette rimless model, officially the Titan Minimal Art. The Icon. The lens number is 5242 and the colour is Bordeaux Flair (Silhouette Colour no. 6062). This frame (not including the lenses) is about £270. These are definitely the most high-tech spex I have ever worn, being light, flexible and durable. The titanium is so flexible that the frames require no hinges or screws – they are a remarkable example of precision engineering and are so incredibly light that I am scarcely aware of wearing them. I am enjoying the extreme change from my typical large frames, but other people have said I am missing my trademark. The debate continues…

Webb581 Webb588

Reverting to a more obvious style, my sunglasses are the Silhouette Aviator, Model 8657, Colour no. 6205. In the normal format the lens is green, but Silhouette kindly put prescription lenses in these and the other two models, so the lens here is grey. The non-prescription model is about £200. Once again, these highly engineered sunnies are very light to wear and give superb protection from strong sunlight while allowing excellent vision. They arrived just in time for the recent burst of good weather and I am hoping to get a lot of wear from them this spring and summer.

Webc592 Webc596

My thanks go to the patient efforts of Silhouette’s ophthalmic consultant Dilip Darjee, who measured me for my varifocal lenses and adjusted the frames when they arrived


and Silhouette UK’s marketing manager Jeremy Lanaway, who wears the product well himself.Webd557




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