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Hitting the Big Time

The L.O.C.K. section at Bread&Butter is always a happy hunting ground for me to find the curious and the desirable. Among the Labels of Common Kin that caught my eye this season was Laco, a German watch manufacturer based in Pforzheim, in Baden-Württemberg, southwest Germany.  This fabulous watch is a genuine WW2 specimen that was issued to Luftwaffe aircrew, who wore it on the outside of their sleeves. Its dial is a massive 55mm in diameter, which is just over 2ins.

Laco Type B 15 113 Laco Type B 15 1 13 Laco Type B 15 1 13

Laco’s modern version, which has a modest 36mm dial,  is the Baumuster B or Type B. (The Type A Luftwaffe watch did not have the central mini-dial.) Have a look at the current range on

Appropriately enough, Bread&Butter’s marketing slogan this season is Big Time…



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