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Going international on the internet

Isn’t the internet wonderful? People all over the world have made contact with me thanks to this comprehensive global network. And what nice people too.

I can point readers of this blog in the direction a Finnish website called Keikari (which may well be the Finnish word for “dude”). The creator, Ville Raivio, was kind enough to invite me to join his list of prestigious interviewees. Click through to read my scribblings.

Hawick Cashmere small

I was equally flattered to be contacted by Mircea Cioponea, the founder of a footwear-focused website in Romania called Claymoor’s List. Once again, I am in eminent company.


Most surprising was the email I received from Tadhg Taylor, who runs the Fully Booked secondhand bookshop at 824 High St. Thornbury, Melbourne, Victoria 3071, Australia. He requested a photo from me and then sent evidence that it had been mounted at the far bottom right “just below Richard ‘Bespoke’ Anderson and next to Virginia ‘Chelsea Girl’ Ironside”.

Fully Booked, Melbourne 1

Tadhg persuaded me to send a 10 x 8 print across the globe by the direct route of undiluted flattery, which went along the lines of: “I love your writing, Sharp Suits is a classic and, let’s face it, no other author is going to look as natty as you!” Sad to report, the shop’s cat, Princess Igor, does not seem that impressed.

Fully Booked, Melbourne 2

And, finally, only last week I was snapped at The Golden Shears event by a busy photographer called Judy Fan in the very pleasant company of Ying Mei Quan from the Savile Row firm of Welsh & Jefferies. Mei won the top prize in this young tailors’ competition two years ago. All you Mandarin scholars can read the accompanying text here

With Ying Mei Quan at The Golden Shears 18 3 2013




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