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Begg & Co in The Rake

The 26th edition of that handsome menswear publication, The Rake, has arrived from Singapore. It contains my feature on Alex Begg, the fine Scottish manufacturer of scarves, stoles, wraps and more besides, which has re-launched its own brand as Begg & Co. The goodies will be in the shops this autumn and having sampled a few, I can attest to their considerable desirability.

The Rake 26 Begg 1 The Rake 26 Begg 2

My friends in Ayr tell me that new machinery will soon by added to the Begg mill, so another trip to the west coast of Scotland may be in order. A visit to the Begg factory shop will also be involved with the usual damaging effects to my wallet. I can resist everything but the temptation of gorgeous Made-in-the-UK products.

The Rake 26 Cover


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